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/r/Jailbreak [Request] Tweak that gives Bluetooth headphone signal while any headphones or speaker is connected. https://www.reddit.com/r/jailbreak/comments/8eku6l...
ً Whoever spoils infinity war for me, i hope you can't untangle your earphones forever. 😤
OneOfAKind✨ I wish I could just put my earphones in at work and listen to music
Taylor Jo 🐝 Me when people try to talk while I have headphones in https://twitter.com/chelseaperetti/status/9888008510...
Hajir Almahdi Forgot my headphones at the office .. now this is really something
Wendy Chantry Headphones were invented for a reason
ARIEL I hate being on campus without my headphones... like don’t talk to me
tay When there’s a kid screaming so loud on the bus not even your headphones can block it out🙂
news science V00D00 Review headphones Alpha&Delta D3 — style and beauty budget segment http://scienews.com/sound-and-acoustics/4267-revie...
STFU Danielle Dadamo Headphones are on. Who wants to place a bet that the woman from yesterday will bother me with her dribble? Lets watch. STFU
Samuel Asir Joseph Songs : Thollai Kashtangal & Neer Illadha Naal Ellam A Instrumental Tribute to Legend Dr D.G.S Dhinakaran Symphony Music Do Use Headphones https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=txJEBy7uVLk&featur...
LonerProblems LoveAndBlessings Telly I hate when I have on my headphones specifically to ignore people and then I go & accidentally respond to them! Ugh 🖕my need to respect everyone! 😒 jk LonerProblems LoveAndBlessings
josselyn This was the worst day to leave my headphones at home
EXTRA est.94’ 💋💞 If you’re talking too loud I’m putting my headphones on & blasting my music until i can’t hear you anymore. Idc idc
Jill Behrns Quite happy to be back in my corner wrapped up in a blanket with my headphones and my coffee.
Rach I left my headphones at home and I just wanna watch New Girl :(
PuumaTech Headset Gaming? Earphone? Sennheiser, Steelseries, Razer, dll contact me
Declan Walsh Shout out to the chap on Nassau Street who did an amazing hop/skip/jump thing to avoid stepping on my headphones!
Thythy (tee tee) Saw a vid of some kid w his headphones in at Coachella while Portugal. the man (goat) was performing n I know it’s not fair but that’s how I envision all teenagers these days lol
qwyll Candy pop is still my favorite twice japanese single but let me listen to wake me up on earphones real quick
nowplaying J. Myrle Fuller Nowplaying on the headphones: "Make Believe It's Your First TIme," a surprisingly contemporary Bobby Vinton almost-hit from 1979/80.
AdeNayWithaCapN💋 When I drop “Stuck On Me” it’s only right to listen to it in the car or with beats headphones lol
laine mackle Not being able to wear both my headphones is really starting to negatively affect me
shana Why does music sound so much better through headphones 🤔
Trans McCree People keep getting their sweaters and headphones snagged by the Jungkook keychain on my backpack djbdndmdkjdn
Nick Perri If ever in doubt, and whenever possible, pull out all your DOORS records, put on a pair of headphones, and get lost in time and space. Whatever answers you seek, will most certainly come 🦎
gaввy♑️ I forgot my headphones and now idk how to live w myself
Authcom Industries Our readers’ favorite over-ear Bluetooth headphones have never been cheaper on Amazon https://authcom.com/our-readers-favorite-over-ear-...
Ze I plug in my headphones to play a song and end up forgetting to play the song. Wth
TechMuzz News TechMuzz Meizu’s light-up Bluetooth earphones are both ridiculous and amazing TechMuzz News https://www.androidauthority.com/meizu-halo-earpho...
hm18 Ian Hughes/epredator Headphones on for translation at ABB press conference hm18
me.nat *derail from my 2nd out of 3 essays* i rmbr my 8th grade Spanish con Sra Bruno & someone had said página imitating vagina but with a P instead of a V that is why i had my headphones in & hidden, middle school was the worst of times but at least the music made up for it
Jenna Lynn I hate being able to hear someone's music from their headphones...if I wanted to hear your music I would have asked you to put it on speaker
meizu DroidT Meizu’s light-up Bluetooth earphones are both ridiculous and amazing https://www.androidauthority.com/meizu-halo-earpho...
Steven Candelaria Anker Launches New Soundcore Vortex Over-Ear Bluetooth Headphones http://www.redmondpie.com/anker-launches-new-sound...
ً Why do people try to talk to me when i have my earphones in
HilyaIikuyu My earphones finally decided to give up on me after a good 2 and half years 😭💔. This fucken day is cancelled. I’m going home.
JacquellaD 🖤 I’ve purchased at least 4 pairs or apple earphones this year alone and can’t find any of them 🤦🏾‍♀️
Sydney HiFi MonaVale Audio Technica LP120 turntables a bit hit with DJ Gold Class. for the complete range of Audio Technica DJ Turntables and Headphones visit our Mona Vale Showroom. Great DJ packages available, buy 2 decks at the... https://www.facebook.com/SydneyHiFiMonaVale/posts/10...
olivyahhahahhah Some guy is listening to really loud and really bad scenekid metal without headphones on the bus :-)
BachelorInParadiseAU amwriting amediting fantasy writerslife Chris Rosser So, tonight it’s a scotch, a set of headphones and editing my third draft - while my wife watches BachelorInParadiseAU amwriting amediting fantasy writerslife
The Amed Post First Direct Offering New Customers Freebies Including £150 Expedia Voucher, Amazon Echo Spot Or Wireless Headphones http://amedpost.com/first-direct-offering-new-cust...
holly green W t hell are those Apple headphones with no wire, look like tiny aliens
Zinhle Mkhwanazi I hate when people touch my stuff. Now I can't find my earphones
sgldh I need some cordless headphones but I don’t want those tacky ear pods
Ariel Lynn Fleming Listening to music on headphones is basically masturbation. I'd rather lay on the floor, speakers an inch from each of my ears, volume so quiet that someone would have to lay on top of me and put one ear against my other to each get half of the stereo sound... alone.
Priya Patel Brought a different paid of headphones for my commute and the other headphone doesnt work ffs 😭
Iesha Ivy You Blue is growing up when she doesn’t even have to wear the headphones to cover her ears anymore. Wow https://twitter.com/blueivysource/status/98852915166...
Nadia Wish people on the train understood earphones are for just them to hear the music. Don’t want to hear your noise ta x
d(-_-)b Do "open air" wireless headphones exist? I owned the fantastic ATH-AD700 headphones for 4 years and would like a wireless option if possible. https://www.audio-technica.com/cms/headphones/5670...
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