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Dec 10, 2009

New Headphones From Nixon: The Trooper

Nixon Trooper

The Trooper joins Nixon’s inaugural headphone range which was launched last December with The Master Blaster (leather, over-ear studio quality) The Nomadic (collapsible, on-ear travel) and The Wire (in-ear) models. The Trooper is a collapsible headphone, making it ideal for travel and also features a custom, on-ear, full size volume knob…

Feb 11, 2009

Nixon Brings The Noise With The Launch Of New Headphones

Nixon The Master Blaster

Nixon’s launch into the personal audio category will commence globally in December with the introduction of three custom designed, custom built headphone models; The Master Blaster (an over-ear studio quality headphone), The Nomadic (an on-ear travel headphone) and The Wire (an in-ear headphone). Built from the ground up after two years of research and design, the inaugural line of custom headphones will retail between $40-$200…