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Mar 20, 2012

Roland Introduces RH-A7 Headphones

Roland RH-A7

Roland is pleased to introduce the RH-A7 Monitor Headphones, a high-fidelity monitoring solution for digital pianos and other audio listening applications. Featuring a lightweight, open-air design and wide-ranging sound, the RH-A7 is ideal for enjoying the rich tonal quality and superior dynamic response of Roland’s fine digital pianos.

As compared to closed headphones and earbuds, the open-air RH-A7 produces a more balanced and natural sound, with a wide soundstage and smooth bass response…

Jan 14, 2010

Roland Releases RH-5 Headphones

Roland RH-5

Roland’s extensive lineup of headphone products gains a new addition with the RH-5 Headphones. Designed for comfort and quality sound at an affordable price, the RH-5 is a great choice for monitoring electronic musical instruments like digital pianos and digital drums, and they’re also perfect for music lessons, studio recording, and general music listening.

High-performance drivers provide the RH-5 with dynamic, quality sound, and a natural response that’s balanced over the entire frequency spectrum…