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May 13, 2014

Pioneer's "Superior Club Sound" Headphones: SE-MX7, SE-MX9, SE-CX8 and SE-CX9

Pioneer SE-MX7

The music and sounds played in today’s popular nightclubs create excitement and fun for patrons. Pioneer has incorporated those emotions into developing its new line of “Superior Club Sound” headphones. The SE-MX7 and SE-MX9 on-ear headphones and SE-CX8 and SE-CX9 in-ear headphones not only focus on producing the snappy midrange and low bass response encountered in nightclubs, but also offers great sound quality, maximum comfort, and fashionable modern designs…

Apr 16, 2012

Pioneer Introduces New Audiophile And Noise Canceling Headphones

Pioneer SE-MJ591

Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc. today expanded its on-ear headband headphone offerings with two new products, the flagship SE-MJ591 audiophile headphone for critical listening, and the SE-NC21M noise canceling headphone. Each new headphone model is designed to optimize the listening experience in very different environments.

“There’s an emotional connection with music, and when you hear more of the details, it changes the listening experience significantly,” said Chris Walker, director AV marketing and product planning for the Home Electronics Division of Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc…

Apr 16, 2012

Pioneer Introduces New STEEZ Headphones: EFFECTS, 808 and DUBSTEP

Pioneer SE-D10MT

Pioneer Electronics today expanded the brand’s offerings with a new line of on-ear headphones. Inspired by the emerging DJ and dance scene, the three STEEZ branded headphones being introduced, EFFECTS (SE-MJ7211), 808 (SE-MJ7511), and DUBSTEP (SE-D10MT), incorporate bold designs, powerful audio reproduction, and exclusive features that make them the ideal listening accessories. The headphones offer a range of cool attributes including different color variations, interchangeable ear pads, swiveling ear cups, and bass control, depending on the model…

Jul 6, 2011

New Pioneer Earbuds SE-CL331 Designed For The Active Lifestyle

Pioneer SE-CL331

Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc. today expanded its line-up of earbud headphones with the release of the SE-CL331 water resistant earbuds, designed for consumers with active lifestyles. Ideal for on-the-go activities such as hiking and running, the SE-CL331 features a water resistant design allowing consumers to rinse off damaging elements such as perspiration and dust. The earbuds also include four interchangeable ear tips for comfort and fit, and a long 3.9’ (1.2 m) cord for increased flexibility…

Mar 25, 2011

Pioneer Releases SE-NC31C-K Noise Cancelling Headphones

Pioneer SE-NC31C-K

Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc. today released the SE-NC31C-K noise cancelling earbud stereo headphones, designed for noise cancellation of up to 90% (measured at 300hz) so consumers can hear more of what they’re listening to. The new SE-NC31C-K actively monitors the nearby sound environment and electronically cancels low frequency ambient noise that can interfere with normal audio listening. The earbuds also feature large 14.2 mm drivers and various connection adapters to make it the ideal accessory for music listening…

Oct 14, 2010

Pioneer To Offer Exclusive Limited Edition DJ Headphones HDJ-1000

Pioneer HDJ-1000

Pioneer today introduced its limited edition HDJ-1000 professional DJ headphones due to be available in December 2010. The limited edition headphones will be offered in two fashionable colors, provide a more comfortable fit, and produce better low frequency reproduction for more effective mixing.

“Much like our players and mixers, Pioneer headphones are designed for both style and performance. We have a versatile line-up of headphones that are sure to complement many DJ levels…

Sep 8, 2010

Pioneer Unveils HDJ-500 DJ Headphones

Pioneer HDJ-500-K

Pioneer Electronics Inc.’s Professional Sound and Visual Division continues to lead the DJ market with the introduction of its HDJ-500 series (MSRP $125) headphones, designed for exceptional fidelity, style, comfort and affordability. Available in red, black and white, the new headphones provide maximum performance and versatility for any type of use, from DJing to casual listening.

“With the popularity of DJing on the rise, we’re excited to offer products like the new HDJ-500 at affordable price points so more people can take part in the art form…

Jul 15, 2010

Pioneer Introduces New DJ-Inspired Headphones

Pioneer SE-MJ5

Pioneer Electronics Inc. today introduced two lines of headphones that allows consumers on-the-go to enjoy a high-quality and personalized music experience. The lines are inspired by professional DJs and the diverse style of today’s music enthusiast, offering consumers a choice of ear gear at a variety of price points that meet their lifestyle needs.

“Pioneer has been the brand of choice by professional DJs for more than 15 years,” said Scott Sablan, marketing and product planning, home entertainment division at Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc…