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sidney gish lyric bot I’m home alone, i’m making jokes i’m drowning in my iphone and my ears have sprouted headphones so i'll watch my weary tone
adhd certified ❎ Me farting freely because bf has headphones on, and then remembering he's on a call and his mic is on
Andréa Henry It would be reasonable to slap the guy behind me who’s watching a video aloud with no headphones on the bus right 🔪
earlymornings Kimetha Danielle Got all the way down to the lake and forgot my sweatband and headphones. No morning run today smh lol. At least it's still peaceful 💜 earlymornings https://www.instagram.com/accounts/login/
android powerbanks My Smart Acces Android powerbanks Lenovo X18 Bluetooth Light Touch Button Earphone https://mysmartacces.com/lenovo-x18-bluetooth-ligh...
Kashi ◟̽◞̽ ☀️ Iona went from screaming about the earphones to singing happily and now is crying because those earphones are on another level
👩🏾‍⚖️ Omw Into work and realized i forgot my headphones at home. To Walmart I go🙃
Amith Gosai Why would you come to one of the busiest and noisiest restaurants in Durban to sit on your laptop for a Teams meeting with no headphones? Some people's level of stupidity just fascinates me
Mammabearsteffs🐻 🤳🎧📻🎛 🇿🇦 I am of course sitting with earphones in working so I can hear the show as office a bit noisy I can hear 👂 🎷🎷🎷🎷🎷🎵🎼🎛🎚🎶 that makes my heart so happy https://twitter.com/ZanelePotelwa/status/14388091447...
ًYO DREAM You gotta have good headphones to hear how good sticker is, you gotta have airpods pros, broke people can’t hear how good it is, the song is too expensive. you gotta be like “not broke” to understand it
bea Im wearing all black but holiday by weeekly is playing on my headphones
Rosie🇵🇸 I want to walk around alone with my headphones and take pictures all day on a film camera or a disposable camera and ignore the whole world
🌟 jei misses taemni 🌟 For those who use earphones, i recommend looking into in-ear monitors. a lot of them are cheap (china brands) but gives better quality than earphones https://twitter.com/silver_latte/status/143882921243...
Elsa H Babii✨ Left my headphones at home. I could cry
n. Have forgotten my headphones for the gym three (3) times this week🥲🥲
911onFOX bathena Liv Posting my latest from IG on here bc I miss them a bit extra today <3 [use headphones for because the voiceovers are a bit quiet] 911onFOX bathena https://twitter.com/livsedts/status/14388292272231...
IG: lydiathapoeticmodel Certified Lover Boy slaps different with headphones on full blast
.:𝔉𝔦𝔤𝔲𝔢𝔯𝔬𝔞:.🤟🏽 Okaay but why don’t we have an actual emoji face with headphones on?! ☹️
sapph Listen to sticker with headphones ON its a production masterpiece not a nursery rhyme playlist!!
Neha Rudra New Cover 😊 Must Watch (Use headphones / Earphones for good audio quality) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q90fLV-bNDU Requesting you all to come up with your song list, I will definitely try the songs in my next coming uploads. Keep Supporting Me By : LIKE | COMMENT | SHARE | SUBSCRIBE ❤️
Asix Kaiba With my Egyptian God Pair of headphones, I will be best mixer of all time!
ෆ アシ ෆ Ash ♡’s 기현 ෆ Yo wait is this Legit???? what Twice hear in the ear monitor while performing (put earphones in) https://youtube.com/shorts/PnwwvxW_ZWs?feature=share via @YouTube
Liam Brazier Ploughing through some book sketches today with early REM in the noise-cancelling headphones
Adnan Hasan Why is it like everyone on train forgets all of a sudden that there's something like "earphones" that was invented ages ago..?
Kay🧡🥵 I left my headphones at home 🥴 I can already tell what kinda day this finna be
Scotto Moore Anyone happen to recognize the brand of headphones that St. Vincent is wearing in this screenshot? I tried googling "St. Vincent's cool headphones" and got nowhere
Alan Harrison In a phone shop recently looking to buy a case: Guy asked me what phone I had. I said "It's an LNS10." Guy was like, "Err... I think that's a Galaxy S10." I just realsied that my Bluetooth headphones were not saying "LNS10" whenever they connected... but "Alan's S10."
Natter Football Paul Bernardoni: “I don't wear headphones when I get out of the team bus. It's a question of respect. We play for the public and when we meet people, we should be able to hear them. I couldn't live with myself if I missed a kid who asks me for an autograph.” 👏
dammitrowan At the time I didn't realise, but The Prodigy were the catalyst for my interest in electronic music, and heavy stuff in general. Gonna blast some classics in my headphones later in memory ❤️🐜🐜 https://twitter.com/the_prodigy/status/1438795755402...
Slippery Xolossus🧼 Yo Bose releasing new headphones soon should I cop???
Rimsh Good afternoon to everyone except the people who watch videos on full volume without headphones, y’all can go home
Fairy Bloomother ✨ Listening again with headphones and I’m on board now 😬
Savera Falak (Awan) I always use headphones when ever my friend send me voice note, bhaeee risk tou ly he nhi sakty na
FridayFeeling Stonehenge 🎧Plug in your headphones and relax to Sam Lee's wonderful performance of The Moon Shines Bright, filmed at Stonehenge. FridayFeeling @samleesong https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nasnJ71jIUc&t=72s
⟭⟬Suhan⁷💜🪐💫🐙 I recommend y’all to wear headphones 🤩🤩 Ahhh!! Your edits are the best @Jeon_illegurl 🔥🔥 https://twitter.com/Jeon_illegurl/status/14388198525...
ellie Gym headphones reccos please? 🥺
SM's Squeaky Bed Noiseᵀᴹ I woke up I listened to sticker and I liked it but I need to listen with headphones cuz I don't like how they modified they over modified the vocals and I'm hoping that was just my phone speaker making it sound crunchy
Peter The sound of waves played at the end of a song (I have earphones in) and I completely shat it. Almost jumped under the desk. That was a gooood coffee
HybridLearning City of Glasgow College Library Services Starting from Monday, the library will offer study spaces for online classes! Book a study space at our City or Riverside campuses through MyCity, bring your own device (and your headphones), and enjoy your class. We have 16 spaces available, so be sure to book! HybridLearning
Gabe I might've forgotten to close spotify and left random songs playing thru my earphones (which I wasn't wearing) over the past hour... oops?
UwUMaKatha MaKathaUST KanthaMKC UST MaKatha Circle ✨🎶 Be one with each other and the music! 🎶✨ MaKathas, get your Spotify and your earphones ready as we introduce KANTHA: the MaKatha Circle Spotify Account! UwUMaKatha 🌷✨ MaKathaUST 🍃 KanthaMKC🎶🌸 (1/4)
Amare’s cool breeze Check out this product 😍 Earbuds 5.0 Headphones 😍 by Amare’s Cool Breeze starting at $91.99. Shop now 👉👉 https://amarescoolbreeze.com/products/earbuds-5-0-...
L'strateqyQ Advisors Make sure not to miss these headphones https://vaneetaa.com/2020/09/05/make-sure-to-eat-t...
~• Sophia •~ // JOSHUA AU 📌// Hurm, I wanna post a cover, but the audio doesn't sound that great bc of my earphones mic :( Should I proceed on posting ????
CallMeDeaconblue AudioBook jamesrobersonbooks Mr Book Narrator No Jamie, not now, not here. But soon... And just like James, youll agree you never saw it coming. 🎧 In your headphones soon 🎧 CallMeDeaconblue AudioBook jamesrobersonbooks MrBookNarrator @MrBookNarrator See more: https://www.audible.com/pd/Escape-from-Milltown-Au...
caret Bruh I accidentally broke my earphones again😭
ZJKing17 I have a G102 Mouse Box, a Redragon Deimos K599 Box, next thing is gonna be a HyperX Stinger Core Pair of Headphones
♡ αo ♡ Why are men so eager to mumble things to women with big ol headphones on interesting level, or lack of, confidence
ᴮ ᴱ ₊ˑ🎐🅔🅡🅘🅝 // bts7god Another thing special about bts’ music: THEY DONT SKIMP ON THE “ENTIRE” SONG. i’m talking they pay so much attention to even the most minute details (vocal overlays, sound effects to compliment overlays, harmonies, etc.). bts’ songs sound stellar without heaving headphones in, +
L'strateqyQ Advisors Top 10 earphones for serious music lovers https://vaneetaa.com/2020/06/24/the-perfect-aftern...
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