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seOul cOllection atelier employee I completely blanked on what i was doing for the past fifteen minutes noise cancelling headphones will make you forget you need breathe and blink. i bazooked the dora maar blunt too hard help
Ashlee Wish you were here by Pink Floyd sounds immaculate with headphones by the way. like immaculate
Smirgolbaggins I swear my headphones lose battery faster when connected to an iPhone rather than an android. I’m generally disgusted by iPhones these days
Jacob Maynard I hated watching this movie. I knew jumpscares were going to happen. What I didn't expect was dreading a rewatch. Watch Skinamarink. In the dark. With headphones. And completely alone. Re-experience fear most primal
🇮🇹 I swear the light on top of his head keeps going on & I told him its talking to me. he said what does it say and omg its saying "say, I do" he was taking a bath in the dark but I had my earphones on with music playing so when I sat down to pee looked up panties off *boom* nakie
َ Throw on some headphones, a jacket, and call it a day mood. 🎧
Issac Torez When people call me while I'm listening to music on my phone with my headphones in.. I literally wanna ??punch??them??
⭐️🌈RayStarKitty🌈⭐️ My Spotify on repeat playlist should be called “Most likely to be played on LED cat ear headphones”
kris It was so windy on the walk to school earlier 😭 had to take off my earphones cus i was scared they were gonna fly off of me LMAOOO
M⭐️⭐️⭐️ My lil valentines baby gonna get some headphones ❤️
The Groove Sensei Day 93: Playing my beats whether I like them or not Something extremely experimental and meant to be listened to in headphones. My first go at “3D mixing” https://twitter.com/IamProfessorO/status/162245293...
anne | anna torv era Me always bringing earphones cause they'll just tease me for playing classical music😭😭😭 https://twitter.com/introvertsmemes/status/162210649...
Roblox Hat Bot What if they made the spherical headphones?
ÁJ Life is so much better in my headphones
vinyl.lovr Got the beat studio 3 headphones and my soul has left my body (in a very good way)🫶🏻
LongestSoloEver 🎸 Same, I have songs literally stuck in my head 24/7, usually whatever song I’m working on lately for this reason, I have podcasts/YouTube videos playing in headphones basically all day around the house. I’m like baby driver except the headphones are to get the music to *stop* https://twitter.com/richaadeb/status/162233937027047...
shiv 💋 Have to go on a 5 hour bus journey without earphones i will k word myself
Raffles The replies are like for a $5 pair of headphones online. “Not working”. https://twitter.com/paramountplus/status/16224023822...
Rodolfo Obre People who believe "7.1 surround sound" gaming headphones have real surround sound are literal children LOL 7.1 surround pero dalawa lang drivers HAHAHAHAHA
ron Wearing headphones and being oblivious to your environment is one of the best things ever, that is until you miss out on something big that happens right infront of you
kishibe’s last lung My fear is having music blasting into my headphones while working out and whole I’m farting out loud
Adrienne Lawrence, Esq. Because this now thrice-extended layover couldn’t get any better… A white woman just walked up to ask me “Are you guys still serving food?” as I sit at my table eating dinner with my laptop out and my headphones in. The presumption that we must be here to serve is beyond me
Mayor of y00topia 🎉 y00t 8548 just arrived to y00topia! 🎉 🖼️ Background: Cannoli Cream 🖐️ Fur: Tumbleweed 😑 Face: Blasé 🧥 Clothes: Classic Suit 🎩 Head: Headphones 👓 Eyewear: Tints (blue) 🔗 https://y00ts.com/explorer?id=8548
Suman Nag 🏏 Can you imagine life without headphones/ ear buds / headsets !?!?
𝐠𝐫𝐢𝐦 Ppl who watch videos loudly on public transportations deserve a slap srsly. Use earphones la ffs
Audio Headset gamer TotallydubbedHD The Antlion Kimura is a revolutionary in-ear monitor (IEM) and headset! It can also be used as an attachment for audiophile earphones thanks to its universal MMCX and 2-pin design 👏 ➡️Find out more by watching my detailed review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uHtLLJp6OZM&featur...
Kimani Mbappè ⚽️ Green Card Bro I left my gym headphones at work. ugh. imma still go with my little bose headphones
Daniel Marquez⭕️Comment 🚀🚀🚀 Comment 🚀🚀🚀 sometimes I don’t like to wear Headphones when on spaces because the sound of a MUKBANG is not the most pleasant sound 😅… why people eat and talk in spaces⁉️… I can handle it but just saying hahahaaha https://twitter.com/DanielMComment/status/16222965...
MacTrast Apple industry analyst Ming-Chi Kuo says Apple will not launch its second-generation AirPods Max headphones until at least the second half of next year or possibly until the first half of 2025. https://www.mactrast.com/2023/02/analyst-kuo-airpo...
Protip Mitch Wright is still writing Protip: If your noise cancelling headphones aren't quite blocking out all background noise and you're an iOS user, try turning on Dark Noise in Background Noise. The sound will work with whatever music, podcast, or book you're listening to and help smother outside noise
another mean lesbian It’s so gorgeous out, I have my headphones on and the sun is shining. my dog is runnin around and idc about a goddamn thing
shuma Oh it's nice that yalls Bluetooth headphones speaks to u. mine just makes car noises when I turn them on and off https://twitter.com/fyrewyre_/status/162199337404661...
na⁷ Just bought an earbuds months ago, but i still want a new headphones so let's go
charliebear🐻 Having to walk somewhere without headphones is worse than being sisyphus
MadameThinksALot I want look cute and go the movies and dinner alone. (well with my emotional support headphones). 🥰
jaffa cakes Need more headphones suggestions;
k I just went away from the pc and i have bluetooth headphones so while being gone I just heard Cathy: “Wanna know how I got these scars? - Why am I like this. Ohhhh my vitamin D” I love her she’s so precious 🥺🥰
meta Turns out i am not going deaf in my left ear, my mac just decided my sony earphones should be 90% right balanced without asking me
eyaquotes D'EyaQuotes Put on some headphones and go out, just out of your place. Walk, drive, anything. Then Romanticize the world. It makes it so much better eyaquotes
Hateful (Reading JoJolion) Had dinner with my friend for the first time in about a year. Guess our surprise when each of us showed up with haircuts and headphones around our necks https://twitter.com/fyrewyre_/status/162199337404661...
chloe Her in these headphones get me every time
josefina 💫 CEO of aut abbacchio My headcanon is that Leone and Bruno have breakfast together but silently, L listening to opera through his headphones and B reading the newspaper, because L needs time to himself in the morning and B just gets him. this is so so perfect aaaa https://twitter.com/hpm505/status/1622082792703008770
BIKASH RAJBONGSHI Why did you leave your headphones, what will happen, have you forgotten? https://twitter.com/miakhalifa/status/16209971392320...
💙 I really need to buy me some headphones
PUPBER 🇬🇧🐶 How i wear over ear headphones as a dog vtuber
Tori Ive been using a rotary cutter for a while now for my fabric and i love it! Today i found out it has a secret secondary cable cutting option!! Im gonna need some new headphones :/
hmm yes ok At the zoo, headphones on. Oh yeah, its autism time 😎😎😎
Rob It's funny because I'm British and the "power on ... connected ... pairing" on my Bluetooth earphones is distinctly American https://twitter.com/emreyski/status/1621995391268048897
prod. zurko Im back bc i got new headphones btw plus i postred something new in yt i dont rlly use this acc anymore but ill try 2 be more active UwU
ag. Wts lfb headphones ph jbl tune 750bt selling for 7000 (still new) 🧤 complete inclus with box payo or 3 days reservation reply mine or dm if claiming!
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