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peach 🕸 Really upset at the fact that my headphones suddenly dissappear when my brother comes home and he claims that he doesnt have them but i know he’s lying
Jean Doobs Headphones: Download Finished: David Bowie - Tonight at 2018-10-30 11:08:27
Moneim Ali The day I have no classes and tons of admin work, is the day I forget my headphones. https://twitter.com/MoneimAli/status/105721253557585...
Jean Doobs Headphones: Download Finished: Led Zeppelin - Presence at 2018-10-30 11:06:34
Bongani My Bluetooth headset are low on power..... Thought I charged them. Forgot the USB cable. And I don't have the spare earphones. Wow....its going to be a long day. 😩
77technews Best Bluetooth headphones for your headphone jack-less OnePlus 6T http://77technews.com/index.php/2018/10/29/best-bl...
Glennessy Gotta buy one of those pieces that let me charge my phone and use my earphones at the same time
Android NewsPad The OnePlus Bullets Wireless headphones are now available in red http://androidnewspad.com/android-news/the-oneplus...
spooky whorpheus 🔮☭ Me on the 5th floor of the lib pretending to study when i’m actually just reading werewolf erotica and blasting “oops i did it again” on my over-ear headphones loud enough for the entire floor to hear https://twitter.com/galaxyd0ng/status/10571232094288...
Tu☪ Me when I get all the way to the front of Westmar and realize I don’t have my headphones https://twitter.com/boujeesiut/status/10569868439448...
adamicthree newmusic rockmusic drums Adamic Very little video footage has been taken during the recording of adamicthree Maybe we wanted to spend more time in the moment of this record rather than document every piece. But here’s some drum footage with some guitar bleed from the headphones. newmusic rockmusic drums https://twitter.com/AdamicOfficial/status/1057123120...
Les Mosh Low vol/headphones. gift to humanity https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=myfj2dvAuRU&featur...
nickel I had my headphones plugged in thinking i was charging my phone the whole time 😔
Lisette Armenta I get it, coffee shops aren't libraries, but no one wants to listen to your business seminar videos bro! Put some headphones on 😞🙄 (I can hear it through my headphones)
RMonoBB200 everythinggoes While raining plugged earphones to your ears go to music player play Forever Rain by RM P E R F E C T RMonoBB200 @BTS_twt
ResidentEvil7 Ste Don't think my heart can take anymore ResidentEvil7. Playing this in the dark with headphones on has been quite terrifying.
charlie I swear one day i'll catch the headphone goblins who come out of pocket dimensions to tangle your headphones in impossible knots
bass earphones Gizmo Pony Bass earphones Sport Waterproof Wireless Stereo Earphones
twitchcon2018 JundeRated @TwitchCon Airport vibes waiting to head back home after twitchcon2018 using my new headphones from @vmoda https://www.instagram.com/p/Bph5tdMHZGu/?utm_sourc...
Android Events MolecularCells Headphones – 2PACK Perfect Sound Earphones with Remote and Mic – Wired 3.5mm Jack Stereo Noise Isolation fits Phone Android Samsung Galaxy Kindle MP3 MP4 https://androidevents.com/molecularcells-headphone...
Naaackers For those of you who exercise and are looking for great sounding, durable headphones that won’t fall off your head, look no further. The JBL Under Armor Sports train wireless. After 4 Bluetooth headphones and Apple Airpods, I can finally stop looking. These are 10/10.
Frume Sara's Ghost Decided to take my old, half broken headphones with me on holiday instead of my nice expensive wireless ones. But I just put them on and they’re not broken anymore? I’m not asking too many questions 🙏
Robbo The rather grimey character I just sat behind on a train had what was almost certainly gravy smeared upon his headphones. Rum, what?
juan fyre Just saw a guy running to class, but here’s the thing: backpack ON, noice-cancelling headphones ON, annnnnd orthopedic boot ON Can u imagine
mrs flacko💍 Got my earphones in , it feels like I'm having a silent disco in my room 🔥🔥🔥 https://twitter.com/kay_nobangule/status/10569970908...
Cristian Montes Lost my headphones guess I have to buy AirPods now 🤷🏻‍♂️
ash I had my headphones in so i couldn’t hear but i think i missed my roommate yelling at my other roommate about her dog
Abby Biggest pet peeve = when you can still hear the music coming from someone’s headphones. Like 1) stop making yourself deaf 2) stop being obnoxious. Thanks for coming to my ted talk
Connor Mims I don’t get how people workout without headphones in, like “yeah the gym is blasting some John Mayer right now let’s hit this set”
Helen W And relax... daughter asleep, husband listening to football with noise cancelling headphones on(!) Time to catch up with some college reading..
Jorge El Niño Pollo I cant believe that for the past three years I never used earphones and listened to music while walking to classes. I just started doing that this year and I realized I’ve been sleeping on it for so long :(
Crutchfield Want sport headphones that deliver with great sound? The new @BangOlufsen E6 in-ears deliver. Textured rubber earpieces ensure these sweat-proof earbuds stay put no matter how active you get. https://www.crutchfield.com/S-PZC2Bg6kFli/p_906E6S...
Leo Frost The in-ear headphones you get with the iPhone X are literally the worst. Might as well have a dude yell into a megaphone right in your ear.
Yahya Kahin My earphones been missing for 3 days now my sanity is slowly slipping away
Glenn Harrold ★★★★★ "Great app · Awesome meditations with great quality Use headphones and be amazed I’m completely in l..." https://appfigures.com/reviews/6473736L2YfFy1BRFKu...
lee$hhh 💰 Sometimes I have my headphones in without music playing just so people wont speak to me.
ultimate hearing Protection Tricker condog_axis pictured wearing the @ultimatehearing completely wireless and custom Bluetooth earphones- now available online (link in bio). @ Birmingham, United Kingdom https://www.instagram.com/p/Bphy_LwH3Ju/?utm_sourc...
Graveyard Baby 🖤 So i was in @lyft and I dropped my AirPod case in the car. I call the driver he tells me it’s in the car and he’s not bring it back because they’re his now. it’s only the case dude I have the headphones. I hate that.
Breathe Clear Inst. Are you considering new headphones? Here's how to pick the best to protect your hearing. https://www.washingtonpost.com/national/health-sci...
Nahgi. I always forget my headphones when i come to the nail salon !! ** fml
yas ☆ I always be losing my earphones right before class smh 💀 https://twitter.com/boujeesiut/status/10569868439448...
jill;17 There’s nothing worse than not having your headphones at school
🎃🕸Sinister Witch🕸🎃 How to know when people are talking to loud? You can hear them even if your music/headphones are on maximum level!
luh yowrownuh I forgot to bring my headphones im so sad... awexa play devil trigger
Frightnin | #ShantaeForSmash Headphones on means: Don't talk to me, shut yo' bootyhole closed
Drea 🍂🌻 Ok @AppleSupport , y’all can do anything y’all want but what we NOT finna do is keep on messing with my music while my earphones are in everytime a new iphone release .. u ain’t gon make me buy a whole new set, if i got through it before i can get through it again, bye.
J. Asher Ouwenga Ok but why would apple phase out aux headphones and not have a lighting plug in their new laptop what you doin @AppleSupport
Jacobeany Left my headphones at home how am I going to marathon Julien Baker again all day
𝖈𝖑𝖆!𝖗𝖊📌 I forgot my headphones in my car but i was really in the mood to listen to all out of tears by @Zeezerizer so i left class and went to the bathroom to listen 3 times in a row. now i’m walking back to class.
Cozi Boi I lost my headphones a month ago and life hasn’t been the same since man 😪
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