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Rashaad Elliante🌡 When someone tryna ask me a question and I have my headphones in https://twitter.com/tylerthecreator/status/895713086...
Eli My headphones are finally falling apart after like three years with them. Y'all got any uhh... **duct tape**
Chey I always forget how loud I am when I have in headphones& I was singing..I look up &my colleagues were staring so I took out my headphones & they were like “wow your voice 😭😭”. Sometimes I really wish I took singing seriously 😩😩💕💕
Dumpy Anyone else get a fully erect ahoge when they take their headphones off or should i call a doctor
sarah Sittin’ in my therapist’s waiting room Kim Petras loud enough to hear through my headphones softly smiling
inthebox Charly Started a “beat” last night to NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN with the (sound off), first inthebox production I’ve started in a hot minute cc: @ericsavemoney_ producedbykrs (headphones on)… https://www.instagram.com/p/BoKbK4Zgod8/?utm_sourc...
daniel In need of new earphones/headphones for the summer. are airpods worth it? they gonna drop new ones soon orrr??? sound quality? i’ve got over-ear headphones but they’re breaking and get way too hot in the summer :)
AnchorInsurance Drawing No. 1 Winner - Cameron Cooke received his prize. Thanks Cameron, for partnering with Anchor! Louisiana agents: Drawing No. 2 is tomorrow (9/26)! This drawing is for a pair of Beats Solo3 Wireless Headphones. Learn more at http://info.relyonanchor.com/la-quote-and-bind-inc...
(◞‿◟) Can someone please find the tweet from hoseok where he’s singing little words and he has his headphones in and it’s kinda dark :( it’s my favourite thing in this world, oomfies you know
Celebsrumor Walmart has knocked $100 off these Beats Solo 3 wireless headphones https://revealyourtruth.com/walmart-has-knocked-10...
Rahul Gandhi These wireless headphones actually look pretty cool https://twitter.com/mashable/status/1044690756466814...
Kerri Banks So I am ready for The International London Tattoo Convention 2018 this Friday , got my dr dre beats headphones , and mobile bank charger , train ticket ,… https://www.instagram.com/p/BoKKbzKhCPcTyaIm33kDFo...
TVCables High quality Optical to Phono Converter Toslink to Rca Optical to Headphones £32.03, from TVCables https://www.tvcables.co.uk/optical-to-phono-conver...
DirtyDiana Why do people find the need to FUCKEN talk to me when I’m 3 mins deep into a song full volume both headphones in...?????
Tim Harvey The T-Dot. Where it's so cold you have to wear your headphones over your hood... https://twitter.com/Raptors/status/1044646474544427008
CatoDaQue🏄🏾‍♂️🔥😈 Say it louder for the people in the back with they headphones on https://twitter.com/alexandriaflexx/status/104464847...
Love, Kyle Whenever I'm bored at work, I just put in headphones and listen to @Chris_Stuckmann review movies all day. https://twitter.com/kyle_woosley/status/104465138924...
brieyourself. How did i loose my headphones AGAIN?!?!?!
💙i got $10 for changing my twit aes to jeff the k I woke up to my mom telling me she wants me out of the house and then proceeding that with snapping my headphones in half for some reason so i feel great.
christian Sitting in the break room with my earphones in and my coworker walked in and asked me “are you listening to that new young thug bro?” Before y’all ask, yes he is...
Kaity 💜 Life is like a billion times better with earphones in 🤧
🤷🏾‍♀️ Is ther something that lets me charge and use headphones at the same time
SexyLexy✨ I need one bad and then wireless earphones 😩
Eoghan Martin The bus is depressing without earphones
jo 🌸 Part 8 of sitting in the library playing tetris for 2 hours with my earphones in trying to act like i’m being productive so everyone will leave me alone
Lou I think I just said have a good evening to a random person... At least I had my earphones in so I could have been on a call 😂😂
Adeesa My childhood consisted of putting in my earphones blasting music to avoid crying bc of arguments LOOOL tell me why i’m doing that at eighTEEN years old
Carl Murray Ive lost me son to a set earphones 🔇
Those Willows Here is 'End Of My Road' via Facebook video. Quality is degraded here, so be sure to head to Youtube, throw on some headphones, subscribe and "like" (if you'd like). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=02Gv5pMh4zc&featur... You can listen to... https://www.facebook.com/thosewillowsmusic/videos/21...
Daisy Apple ruined my life the day they made it so you can’t charge your phone and listen to music on your headphones at the same time. Ain’t nobody asked for this hell bruh.
piKasso “Remember class tmrw is the last day to turn in your paper” Me: where tf did I put my headphones
Steve Miggedy Oct. 12th!! The boogie is real!! I love my house/red headphones family!! Mark your calendars!! @ The Promontory https://www.instagram.com/p/BoKCSdRl6CX/?utm_sourc...
kennedy Your headphones falling out gotta be the most annoying thing ever
clarissa Couldn’t find my earphones turns out i’m wearing them
giselle If i have earphones in and i talk to you feel special
pardon me I need some beats asap. these lil apple earphones aint doing it for me and they break every month.
The Hidden Staircase I’m looking to get some over the ear headphones. What do you recommend?
mariaaah nicole✨ I hate sitting with mfs with they headphones in 🙄🙄🙄 disrespectful
Phoebe Rita Nabugere Walking without earphones in this our kampala is an extreme sport
sofia Some1 took my earphones this is peak homophobia
witchy woman I just got to class and realized i forgot my headphones do i just leave
2Real4️⃣ Left my headphones in my whip again... F*CK
lex 37 & 3 This is what i sound like with my headphones on blast https://twitter.com/nctjooheon/status/10422414027578...
Chino Losing em' earphones tho sheesh 😔
hedwig There was a time when I wore over the ear headphones with cat ears attached and I’m so incredibly sorry to anyone who saw that. Thank you to those who stayed by my side during that time.
Abegail I dont use my earphones when i watch a vlog of gamers, theyre so loud
fact That One Woman It's rude to transcribe next to people who are working if you don't want to wear headphones. fact
lina ♡ I have bluetooth headphones and it’s pretty much a daily occurence for me to just suddenly become aware of how much battery i’m wasting on silence https://twitter.com/outrotear/status/104421980191940...
musicdiscovery headphones newmusic bloglife lookingforlove EarToTheGroundMusic Seven years in and we still don't have a headphones sponsor. Feels bad, man. musicdiscovery headphones newmusic bloglife lookingforlove
fasdlc18 fdlrs Jillian Traurig As someone who is always losing or tangling headphones, this is probably the best conference freebie of all time! Thanks, @TeachingChannel fasdlc18 fdlrs
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