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khushi singh Sometimes i feel like am i missing something and then realize that i had my earphones plugged in for hours and nothing is playing on it🥹
Erin Lawrence Sennheiser Sport true wireless earbuds review: Great sound with one fatal flaw https://www.techgadgetscanada.com/sennheiser-sport...
OoSoKutz I just heard that Glorilla song and when Cardi B was talking about that munch part I didn’t say nothing… My earphones went out because I been one before 😅🥴
sweater 🧸 daddy This motherfucker just said "a couple mountains over" I need to put my headphones back on
Kathryn Allen OUSA A load of people have arrived next door to make a lot of noise... *sighs* the laughter all sounds really forced I may need to put headphones on because it very quickly starts sounding disturbingly inhuman
Retro Monkey 128 🇺🇦 If you haven't played Qube 2, it's a brilliant little Portal-like puzzler. Nice, intriguing story with a female protagonist, nice feel to the physics, and luscious visuals. Played with 3d headphones in the dark, it's creepy in a great way
COZY J 🥰 I just arrived at the gym and realized I didn't charge my headphones last night.... https://twitter.com/justin_justjust/status/1573725...
Alexis de Tokeville My friend got a free android phone from the city he asks for a pair of headphones I say “here’s a pair.” He’s like “phone doesn’t have a jack, do you have an adapter?” I’m like “they don’t even make that accessory, here’s another pair tho” He’s like “phone doesn’t have bluetooth”
🦖Storm the Prediction Man™🦖 Headphones broke beyond repair
cali's mom Gave in and bought the rockspace headphones that has been in my cart for too long
K ! KASH ❤️‍🔥+** Son you shouldn’t be playing music on public transportation if you don’t have headphones
. The grief of broken headphones>>>>Breakup
ni Finished work and i’m about to walk home. i forgot my headphones <\3
MadSpooky15 As too good plays on my headphones right now https://twitter.com/dontshowyourcat/status/157372321...
sean Crazy to me that headphones existed in the 1920s, what the hell were people even listening to back then
alice 💋 Can anyone vote on the poll below i want to buy some big chunky headphones but i dont know which ones
angie 💟 Listening to the archer with earphones in is literally just
pooha | faceless king Me & my dad bought by mom new headphones as a gift & we're playing hot potato with them because we dont want her to see them YET
coworker-diagnosed compulsive biter Uhhh tiger balm, knife (sometimes multiple), headphones, earplugs, pens https://twitter.com/elfishh/status/1143175643129139200
Frasha Jogging with headphones is cheating. You’ve gotta have no distractions… feel the pain and push through it
' || ia f2f classes Interest check wts ph - 750 php + lsf - condi : 10/10 - bought last month lang - sco , direct ggx - complete inclusions w/ box reply / dm if inch, will give sa sure and can payo na buyer ^^ t. wts rock space headphones bluetooth wireless
Tenumi Pulsating temple makes headphones annoying to wear
Lu I’ll forever use earphones with wire, don’t care how much time passes. It just feels right idk
R&B is alive➡️ @amandimusic Ban the mics and the headphones!!!!! https://twitter.com/xlaurenlacey/status/157365471919...
bb24 Jasmine Coma I watch the latest podcast by Cody and Derrick they said Taylor taking off the headphones from Monte and comments about Goddaughter was her having HOHitis. She was feeling her self and she can come off as condescending. They added it's the reason why she was ostracized bb24
ᴀحᴍᴇᴅ ꜱᴀحɪʟ Wanna heal your soul, just put your earphones on and listen music.💫
gmpost J.E.A.M Nobody: Me (5:55am burna banana whoodz slap’s me ina headphones): ya mans nice! gmpost
diana 64 I knocked out yesterday forgot to turn off my headphones and forgot to charge my phone
🌙 Tea 🌙 Lmfaooooo not my dreams being DIRECT direct last night, like at one point someone had literally handed me my noise canceling headphones that i had forgot and was like “you’re overwhelmed put them on”
Johnny K Bruh these wireless headphones are hitting hard. Never thought I could take a dump while listening to DragonballZ hardstyle remix
beyerdynamic beyerdynamic Did you know that a quick charge of our Free BYRDs in the case of just 10 minutes provides 70 minutes of renewed audio playback? The two earphones can be fully charged in the charging case within 3:45 hours 🔋 Learn more about them now: https://north-america.beyerdynamic.com/free-byrd.h... | beyerdynamic
Kev Can’t wait to get my new car so I can sing along to @LewisCapaldi - Forget Me … im getting some strange looks here on the bus with my headphones in !
^♡^ Nanami or megumi. i need my silence. just with my headphones or something https://twitter.com/blkitadori/status/15728868676197...
. Can someone help me why discord is here not on my normal headphones
The Bertieful South👕 🐝 Always used old skool wire headphones but replace every 3 or 4 months. Worth spending £100 on Airpods? Any opinions?
Saved by His Grace ✝️ I don’t know who needs to hear this but « clean your headphones after using them 🤢 »
Aidan 1 like and I'll watch cocomelon on the train without headphones
PREYCA Bluetooth Headphones 5.3, Wireless Touch with Microphone, HiFi Stereo Sound in Ear Bluetooth Headphones, IPX7 Waterproof, 30 H Playtime https://www.preyca.com/de/bluetooth-headphones-5-3...
Jerzi I want to work with p2J. His productions are just pure! Listen to his work on headphones you go understand Hiye! Burst it my way!
Joanna LITERALLY just had about 6 people in the past 20 minutes ask me the same question at the train station - do people not understand the universal HEADPHONES IN don’t talk to me?
PREYCA XIAOLO Bluetooth Headphones, In-Ear Wireless Headphones Bluetooth Earphones with Stereo Deep Bass Touch Control 25 Hours Running Time Headphones with Built-in Microphone Bluetooth 5.1 Wireless Charging https://www.preyca.com/de/xiaolo-bluetooth-headpho...
Marie Odugbesan Tiwa's koo koo fun ain't that bad, y'all just reaching unnecessarily. They won't listen with original headphones/speakers with good bass! Her lyrics entered with the beat. Lyrics might not make sense, but it's groovable!
Nia Lynx⁷ ʳᵘˢʰ ʰᵒᵘʳ 🏁 |VOTE 🔥 Hobi asmr telling us he loves us.. 🫠 better with headphones on istg my knees are weak 🫠🫠🫠🫠
mio | fatphobes dni My headphones broke, and now everything is too much. I dont want to leave my apartment so i can buy new ones and my mom has stuff to do today so she cant come and pick me up
A.D.⁷🏁 Nooo not the asmr part, it tickles with earphones on whfberukhv
PREYCA On-Ear Headphones with Microphone - Foldable Stereo Headset, Cable Adjustable Headband, Children's Headphones with Soft Ear Pads for School, White Gold https://www.preyca.com/de/on-ear-headphones-with-m...
Zeffir I’m really enjoying this wireless earphones freebie of my laptop
Sheol Know what’s embarrassing? The fact I opened Twitter in public only to be greeted by this. Remind me to never open Twitter in public if I don’t have my headphones with me https://twitter.com/sexiedgelord/status/1573603512...
Oluwatofunmii 🀄️ Never forget your headphones at home. 🥹
cypher / crypté !! Everything is okay now i have headphones :] https://twitter.com/equallyinvalid/status/1573597850...
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